fly fishing savannah

we’ve had a great time chasing reds in the grass. With tides not predicted to be good for flooding the marsh, nice to see the actual tides vs predicted tides. 7 ft tides turned into 8.5. There are some jacks starting to show up but this far I’ve seen more boats than fish. Clovis are showing themselves in the broad river as well. They always provide great fun for salt water fly fishing.

salt water fly fishing Savannah

Fly fishing Savannah, Hilton Head and Beaufort

things are heating up besides the weather. A few jacks are showing up, but this far I’ve seen more boats looking than fish. Reds are doing their thing and it shouldn’t be long until the tarpon are banging baits around town. The wright river rice canals continue to be the hot spot for red fish. Tight lines .

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