Rates. You will not feel like you wasted money.

Half day rate $400 4-6 hours,   4 hours just isn’t long enough to fish.  You will not find guide that will keep you out longer for a lower price.  

Full day $550 8 plus hours  you will be tired by the time we toss in the towel.

Fly Fishing Savannah Georgia

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hilton head fly fishing

2 thoughts on “Rates. You will not feel like you wasted money.”

  1. Hi, I’m visiting Tybee Island from May 2nd-7th. I’m experienced in freshwater fly fishing from trout to shoal bass but I wanted to try fishing for redfish or other saltwater species. The biggest setup I have is a six weight so I’m open to renting a rod. I understand this is kind of a last minute reservation request. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. That all I can say is good luck any place that’s has easy access has been pretty much wiped out as far as redfish go around Tybee 8 wait is about the size ride you want to use seven way can work

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