Chris Webber’s flies

Good looking crickets !!

I get so jacked when I get new flies in from Chris. He’s been tying on the low country for as long as I can remember. (25years). So to say he’s been typing for that long is an understatement.  I’m looking forward to some warmer temps and tails in the air.  That’s not to say these flies can’t be used on the low water.  I have found them to be very effective on both tide stages.  Anyone who would like Chris’s contact just shoot me an e mail and I’ll get it to ya.

God Bless this lil guy

We’ve all those days when we just can’t find a fish to chew. No matter how big your head you’ve been humbled , admit it or not. As a guide it’s great to have a lil card hidden. At times they don’t even work. Just recently I had one of those days and just could’t find the fish that wanted to play. Finally the glory hole had to be played. I’ve never been so thankful for this lil fella. lol. I need to post a couple more pics from the last few times I’ve been out, Just need to get the time. Tight lines