Fishing Savannah, Hilton Head and Beaufort Fly and Light Tackle

caught this lil guy waiting for the tide to flood
caught this lil guy waiting for the tide to flood


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Paul with one of many Paul with one of many


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nearing the end of a long run home
nearing the end of a long run home


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Wow is all I can say about the other night of tailing red fishing.  It may have been the best I have ever seen and I been polling the low country for almost 20 years.  That being said then a cold front swings through and the tailing went to poo.  Very few fish decided to tail good on Fri. and sat. morning even fewer due to unseasonably cold air and wind.  Back to thur. night.  It was truly one of those nights where everything came together and the fish were just pouring in from all directions, tailing and busting baits.  We nailed our first fish using a crab pattern after that we went to the top water popper stopper I tie and had some of the best eats.  Watching reds trying to hit top water in inches of water is nothing short of entertaining !!!  It was fast action and I was trying to get more sequence shots of the fish taking the popper stopper.  It’s tough to poll and get pics and have your angler positioned for the fish, so some of the shots are not that great.  I should have put on my bigger lens and got some greta shots.  Easy to look back now and say I should have, but when the fish are all around ya there is no time for changing lens’s  and catching fish.  I love this stuff when it all come together, but the days it doesn’t it makes ya feel so dejected.  One day a hero next a zero.

Fishing Savannah, Beaufort, Hilton Head Fly And Light Tackle

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This spring has to go down as one of the best for chasing tail in the grass.  Between the big northeast winds pushing water on the coast causing big tides or just our normal spring tides we have had more time than I can remember in the grass.  We have another big tide tonight, and as bad as I want to go other priorities call, no fear though Thur. night I’ll be back watching and hopefully catching some reds as the make their way through the marsh.  Bob Vought and I took a stroll down almost the entire coast checking and looking for new places to fish and boy we found some nice schools of fish.  As we made our run down the coast you have to stop and say wow !  Having so much unspoiled coast is not something you get to see very often.  The fish above had some nose issues,  I have caught another red with the same nose some years back. I wonder if there is a mature bull red out there spawning off some of these funky nose fish. I had a Newbie out last night and we found some nice fish working a old school spot that has seen a new group of fish move in.  We hooked a nice red that allowed us numerous cast before eating the fly.  We also had another fish we chased all over coastal Georgia before he ate the fly.  Both fish didn’t make to the boat for the pic. Whatcha gonna do?  This is not just a fly fishing scene in the marsh,  fish are taken on spinning equipment as well.  Small jerk baits on a off set hook works great.  I wonder why more spin casting folks have not gotten into the tailing gig in the area ?