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all I can say is wow !
all I can say is wow !
gary red oct
Gary Rogers with his first red on the fly

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Big Baby with a nice red plucked out of the surf
Big Baby with a nice red plucked out of the surf


Well October has been nothing but interesting. I had a couple of days that the trout were a bit scarce than all of a sudden bam !  The trout were everywhere.  Using light action spinning gear and a quarter ounce DOA whit with gold flake seemed to really do the trick.  Trout fishing may be my favorite fishing next to tarpon on fly,  something about pitching spin rods with doa’s or a early or late day top water lure and busting trout right and left is such a blast.  Also with the trout you can go out and fish a bit more relaxed due to the nature of the fish and anglers. So many folks target reds that certain stages of the tide can get crowded, but you can go trout fishing and have entire areas all to yourself and feel free to move around and not spook fish.  Along the beach fronts has been a hoot with some reds of all sizes busting baits in the shallow water.  I have been poling right in the suds and having a blast.  This is not for the faint of heart, with waves coming at you it can be tough keeping your balance at times.  There have been some Tarpon around but seems as though the schools are becoming fewer and further apart.  What a season it has been, 30 poon in the air and 18 landed all on fly. We have jumped a couple more on spinning outfits as well.  Damn I miss that fish already.  I don’t like to wish my days away,  but I can’t wait till next year. The reds in the shallows are turnt up !!  Low water has provided intense action with nice schools marching and shrimp fly everywhere.  Pickney Island is the place, close to the boat ramp and many schools of fish make it the ideal place to pursue reds in the shallows.


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I have been fishing the Georgia and South Carolina Coast for 30 years and guiding full time for 20 plus years. What you will get from me is a quality fishing trip, whether with fly rod or spinning tackle that is always a long time on the water for the rate. My half days run more like 5-6 hours and full days are over 8 hours. 4 hours on a half day just isn't long enough to fish. What you will not get from me is a quick trip to spots 5 minutes away that are fished heavily so can make it back to the dock in time for my next trip. I have guided through out the southeast as well as Alaska and the Bahamas. I have been instrumental in developing shallow water sight casting in Georgia and South Carolina and have been the first to introduce Tarpon fishing on fly rod to South Carolina and Georgia!!

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