Been hitting a few nice fish this week,  had John walker on board for some fun and fun we had. We a had a good number of shots, but didn’t come tight, sometimes things don’t work according to plan.  We did manage a few ,and all was well till the wind went ballistic.  Cobia are in now by looking at the 100’s of boats on the Broad river.  If your ever tired of fishing around to many boats give me a holla, been trying to avoid other anglers for a while and beeen doing so .  The past 2 trips I ran I have only seen a crab boat and 1 other fishing boat.  Triple tail should be getting a bit better, beach temps are around 70 now.  I still have not heard much about trout being caught, besides a few here and there.  Remember ROE release over eighteen,  help them recoop their socks.   Also to note  CANE PATCH or the flats behind Ossawbaw as the Savannah Morning news refers to it has been producing nice catch’s of reds,  the flat that is shaped like a “T” seems to have the bulk of the fish.  Godd luck and tight lines.

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Capt. Scott Wagner

I have been fishing the Georgia and South Carolina Coast for 30 years and guiding full time for 20 plus years. What you will get from me is a quality fishing trip, whether with fly rod or spinning tackle that is always a long time on the water for the rate. My half days run more like 5-6 hours and full days are over 8 hours. 4 hours on a half day just isn't long enough to fish. What you will not get from me is a quick trip to spots 5 minutes away that are fished heavily so can make it back to the dock in time for my next trip. I have guided through out the southeast as well as Alaska and the Bahamas. I have been instrumental in developing shallow water sight casting in Georgia and South Carolina and have been the first to introduce Tarpon fishing on fly rod to South Carolina and Georgia!!

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