Now that I have my computer back up and  running I can keep up some post.  This winter has been one for the ages.  The nice thing about having so much weather is that on the nice days the fish are ever so happy!!  This being said we have still been busting around a dozen fish a day on fly.  I have gone striper fishing and have had no luck.  If we get a good week of decent weather this will bring the bait higher in the water column making them much easier to find.  On another note,  With the closure of the black sea bass this month, we can only assume this will put more pressure on our inshore fishery. Let’s hope for comprehensive fishery management plans so all anglers can enjoy a great fishery.

Hilton Head Fly fishing

The winter fishing has been really good with the slight warming trend.   Schools in the Hilton Head and Broad river area are as large as I have seen. With 10-20 fish days and sometimes more on fly and spin.    Yesterday was one one of those days you dream about as a guide and angler, we had reds busting baits on the flats and taking poppers on the fly! Over the pasts 20 years of poling the area I can’t remember getting reds to come on on poppers so aggressively   Not much to report on the striper front.  I have been twice with no luck, we need a serious warming trend to get that bait higher in the water column and make the stripers a bit more accessible.  I will have plenty of pics to come, my computer is on the blink so I have been unable to get anything posted.

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