Hell Yea!!

Been having a good bit of fun chasing dem dar spot tail bass.  Finally I have some pics with adam johnson holding a few nice reds.  Headed to some nice backcountry area that see’s very little fishing presure and managed to see a good bit of fish and excercise a few as well.

Adam Johnson holding bruiser

Remember there are some guides in the Savannah area try to soak up some fly fishing business,  One claims he can take ya on some back country fly fishing trips,  there is no back country in or near savannah, and if there was he’d more than likley get lost. Money isn’t easy to come by these days. If I’m booked please contact me a nd I will get  you hooked up with a quality guide That knows the deal.  Big sea pro boats are not the craft of choice for any fly fishing guide or fly angler.  Reds are getting tougher to catch and having the propper boat will only enhance your your success.