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another one falls to a Chris Webber pattern
another one falls to a Chris Webber pattern

DSC_0118   If you have  tried to contact me thru my page and didn’t get a response please call 912 308 3700.  Seems as though I am not getting e mails from this page.  If you would like to check out some fishing videos go to youtube and type SavannahFly.  There’s some goofy fishing stuff there.  Tarpon video to come soon !!

It’s been nice to get back on the water chasing the critters.  Orvis rep. Ben Austin and I headed out the other for a day of fly fishing Hilton Head, scouting and a bit of fishing.  We decided to hit a flat we knew had some fish on it just so we didn’t get baggled and at the end of the day I’m glad we stopped there.  We looked at some beauty spots and I guess the reds just didn’t care for the areas,  not seeing a fish is kinda a bummer.  On the other hand ya just need to keep getting out there turning over as many rocks as you can and eventually you’ll find a group that hasn’t been beat on by every boat in the low country.  The trout bite is still going well with the temps staying moderate, and I haven’t heard too much on the stripers as of late.

Fishing Savannah Ga., Hilton Head, And Beaufort S.C. Fly and Light Tackle

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This winter is turning out to be  fintastic,  the mild weather patterns have had the fish in full feed mode !  John Kennedy and his son had so much fun the other day they had to go out again, with the same results. fun fishing!  Scott Dempsey and his buddy Carlton had some fun on the water as well chasing some critters in the shallows.  This is not to say there are not some tough days,  yesterday the wind was a blowin a good’n so it was time to tuck up in some creeks, we found some trout, but the bite was a bit slow.   Hope fully we will continue on this global warming pattern, it sure makes the fishing more fun.


Fishing Savannah

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