Fly and light tackle fishing for reds. Savannah,Hilton Head and Beaufort

Please excuse the O Mama video. Site had been hacked and I can’t find out how to rid myself of it !

We’ve been having a good time up the savannah river chasing the reds. I Love fishing the upriver area where the water has fewer Parts per million salt. The reds look like a brand new penny. We have been bumping into a few stripers as of late. Now that water temps are coming down the striper bite seems to be coming to life. If you look closely you will See one of Chris Webber’s fly’s. Chris ties effective fly’s on good hooks unlike many of the mass produced fly’s one can buy..

Fly fishing savannah, Fly fishing Hilton Head

fly fishing Hilton Head, Savannah

The Redbone was in St. Simons last weekend and William Collier showed his stuff winning the fly fishing division with yours truly and help from his dad.  Day one had us with plenty of fish tailing in the grass, but as you may know tailerrs aren’t the easiest critters to fool.  All their attention is down, looking for crabs and putting a fly there can sometimes be a hassle.  William ended up fooling only one on day one, so we had our backs against the wall day two.  Day two ended up with not enough water in the grass for tailers due to a hard west wind, major bummer.  We put all our eggs in one basket and waited for the outgoing tide at a certain spot.  We could only fish till 3p and the tide didn’t get right for the reds until about 2p.  From 2p to 3p  William showed what he was made of by nailing 10 reds on the fly in a hour !!!!!  Holy $%#*.  Here is a little video of William hitting some Jacks that were going nutz on the beach front.  We played with these guys till the tide was right for chasing reds on the low water.  What fun fishing !!

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