Fly fishing Hilton Head, Savannah, and Beaufort

Fly fishing hilton head
Va beach Nick with a new penny looking red
hilton head fly fishing
Bill Flemming knocking it out of the park

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Wow ! the weather finally feels like April and the fish are acting like they enjoy it as well.  The reds on the high tides have been dancing on their noses well in the grass, and the low water has been giving us great opportunities as well.  It shouldn’t long now and we will have many other  species to toss feathers at, and I for one can’t wait !  Big Jacks may be the best top water bite in fishing period !  Nothing like watching a hole school of 30 lbs jacks destroying your poppers, sometimes at your feet !

fly fishing hilton head

fishing savannah aaaaMan are there some ups and downs in this business.  Made a couple of bad calls and looked for cobia, and what a unicorn hunt that was.  I get so bummed every time I head up to the Broad and see nothing.  The last trip up 1 cobia swam by  3 boats and everyone of my buddies tossed feathers at it.  There are days you can get on the cobia, but it seems as though you are doing more idling then fishing.  On saturday night we went out for some tailing reds and boy was that a tough one. There were a ton fish on the flats, but just wouldn’t show themselves very well.  You would see a red tail, then  just disappear, then show up again far away.  Seemed as thigh the 20 plus mph wind had them a bit weirded out !  Triple tail are doing there ting and the trout are showing themselves more and more.  Jacks hopefully will be in soon then the only fish that matters, Tarpon !  We may see some Tarpon in around mid June but by July hopefully we’ll be breaking rods burning Drags up and watching these giant sardines go airborne


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