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I had to take a bit of a vacation after a long and hot summer.  This past summer was the best yet for tarpon on the fly, Total count 17 in the air and 5 to the boat.  Let’s hope next summer brings the poon in a bit earlier.  I had run a couple of trips as soon as I returned and decided to do some trout fishing due to the blustery conditions and in 2 days I would venture to say we caught at least 150 trout.  Plenty of these fish were good size fish 15-18 inches and had a couple in the 4  lbs range.  We would start off using top water and just getting some insane strikes!  Top dog minis or a popper on the fly would produce great results.  After the sun came up  we began using DOA shrimps under a popping cork and you couldn’t hardly keep the trout off the bait.  I don’t know if you just get confidence in one color ,but it seemed white with the gold  flake was the ticket.  This falls run of trout is certainly the best we have seen in a couple of years, and I have they couldn’t have come soon enough! After Sandy passes thru we should be seeing a major eat.  Nothing better than fishing the post storm conditions.  The fish have not been able to feed well during the stormy conditions, but as soon as things clear ,hold on!!

Fly Fishing Hilton Head, Beaufort fly and light tackle fishing

The good and the bad,  This was a first for me,  with cloud clover and a bit of wind Paul Rankin and I headed out for some bull reds on the beach front.  The forecast was to be 5 mph winds and sunny.  Wrong! Foggy west wind 10-13 mph   but we still found the bull reds!  These fish have been in 1-2ft of water busting on some mullet and shrimp trying to fatten up for the winter.  This was the first time Paul and myself were getting bummed about catching 15lbs reds.  The bigger fish in the 20-30lbs class range couldn’t really get their tails up due to the shallow water they were feeding in, and with no sun we just couldn’t pin point the bigger fish’s location after 2 15lbs range fish we decided to head out and get a better day.  On the other hand the fish in the 15lbs range were able to get their tails out of the water making them easy targets.  The reds are really busting some shrimp on the outgoing tides, and if the winds are tough on the reds the trout bite is insane right now.  A light spinning rod and a DOA shrimp with a popping cork or not will give one all the trout action they can stand.