Hilton Head, Savannah Fly fishing

The fish the past week have been happy happy fish!  Cobia fishing is in full swing reds are popping triple tail are showing, jacks are being seen around town, and soon poon will be in.  Still having trouble with the cobia myself.  There have been some great days to look for them but on those days the reds have been so happy it’s been hard to peel off them to idle around looking for  cobia.  Plenty of them being caught on fly for those willing to make the commitment.  Down south triple tail are around in good numbers and I have been waiting for the day I can pack it up and head down . I’m so ready for the ocean to lay out a bit, and go look around for spanish, triple, and jacks.  On another note,  anyone looking for some feathers to throw at fish should get hold of Chris Webber.  He’s been tying for a long time and has been producing great patterns.  Anyone needing to contact him just shoot me an e-mail or call.

What a Fall

The beautiful weather just keeps comming. This has been the nicest weather I can remember weather wise and the fish have been responding.  With winter upon us I’ll post pics of spotty action, due to the large amout of pics I take of reds in the winter.   With winter only just beginning Im already looking forward to Tarpon season.  I believe this bad boy has eaten me up after last summer.  Plenty of poons taken on fly .

Terry "what a day"

Remember Bait is for Fat kids, CCA Georgia is a joke, and Clouds Suck.

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