Wow Whata way to start the year!!!

Austin with a nice one
Well the new year has started with a big booooom!!!  Over the past week I can’t even begin to guess how many fish have been caught.  Clear water and mid day low tides have made it good if not great depending on the school your on.  I had a gentleman on the boat who had a cca Georgia hat on, and this got me going.  CCA Georgia needs to get a grip and start acting like a conservation group, instead of a money hungry non conservation group.  How can cca South Carolina be so on top of fisheries management and Georgia CCA be so out of touch?  Leadership!  My hat goes off to Scott Whitaker and the work he has done to ensure a great fishery in South Carolina.  CCA Georgia has done nothing but a failed one time stocking program for it’s inshore fishery.  A swift kick in the ass is what this group needs.    Enough bitching.  I have not heard much on the stripers lately, I would assume they are around in good numbers, just holding in deep water.  Big bucktails bounced on the bottom should produce.  The reports are coming in of fish kills,  The trout have taken a hit two winters in a row, it will be interesting to see if DNR may put something in place to encourage a rapid rebound.
Brandon with his first red on fly

Punta no blue tail Jr.

Tommy w/ one of whoknows how many

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Capt. Scott Wagner

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