Fishing Savannah

james trout flounder r scott tout tThe fish are fattening up for the winter !  Trout are slamming anything you want to toss at them.  Although the trout are going nuts sometimes  you may still find yourself not catching.  Trout tend to move a good bit during the change of the season.  S if one spot is lighting it up try another and so on till ya find the mother load.  Reds are kicking as well.  It looks as though we had a decent spawn a in the past tear. A few places that I used to fish a good bit when bad, and I mean bad.  I got a heads up that the fish were from a buddy of mine and had to go investigate the situation.  Boy  O Boy I would say the fish are back.  Now many of the fish in the schools were on the smaller side 20 inch range but no shortage of them and all were eager to eat the fly, and jerk baits thrown on spinning tackle.  However you care to catch them we can do it. Fly or or conventional tackle it’s all fun in my book.


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