Turtle Island

Addison killing it w a Chris Webber Fly at Turtle Island

Things are coming around.  Triple tail are showing up all around turtle island, and if you haven’t caught or has=d one for table fair you are missing out.  Fly spin or bait fishing for triple tail is at turtle island. cobra are here and there as usual, and reds are doing good if you get places they haven’t been beaten down. Savannah fly fishing charters. 

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Up and down weather conditions have made things interesting, but fish have to eat. So we feed them!  There have been a good number of reds in the grass the past week with the hard onshore winds.  The big news though is the trout.  The bite has been really good in many areas.  This is great news and if we can have another mild winter and fish don’t get to hammered by the bait guys, numbers should be real good the following year.  There have been some tarpon around, but with the weather I have not been able to give it a good look.  Hopefully this week we can run some beach’s and see what’s happening out there.

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