More Smack Down !

tyler 2
we had 3 doubles yesterday !
tyler 1
Not sure what Chris Webber calls this fly, but Tyler got this slob to inhale it !
tyler 3
Another slob for Tyler
tyler 5
Grahm busting some lips on light tackle


We had to poke around a bit more yesterday, but when we finally found the fish, man did we find them.  We had 3 doubles ! These fish were so ready to eat.  At times one could look across the flat and just see these giant dark red blobs of red moving across the flats.  I have been using Chris Webbers runaway shrimp but went to another fly of his, and they ate it up.  I’ll find out the name of the fly and let ya know.

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DSC_0124As I sit here looking out the window it’s blowing around 25 mph and rainy, so  if you need some reading material check out Eastern Fly Fishing.  Nice little article on Savannah, Hilton Head Fly and Light tackle winter time fishing.  If you have sent me an E mail and have not heard back from me please call 912 308 3700 wordpress has some issues getting e mails to me from the site.

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