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Dave taking them on popper stoppersSteve L with a nice one!

The reds, to say the least are busting up some baits!  August Sept. are two of my favorite months.  the fish start really firing up on shrimp that have been growing all summer in the marsh.  There are still plenty of poon around as well, the weather has made it a bit tough to target them the past week.

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I have been heading a bit south of Savannah lately and the fun has been with the triple tail and of course reds in the shallows. The triple tail have been showing in great numbers and for those who like to sight fish the is one of the coolest fish to pursue.  Mark Nutting and myself had a blast chasing them yesterday,  after finding the fly they wanted and our technique refined we began sticking a number of fish.  Tarpon are being weird again this year  but there are few around.  The trout bite has been very good early in the morning on the high tide.  This weeks heat and southwest winds have calmed and milder temps will provide some relief.  The summer has been pretty darn good and hopefully will continue!!

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