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Wow did we get some wind the past week.  25 mph make for tough fishing but I had folks who wanted to beat it and we did.  There seems to be a good number of trout around.  Using spinning rods with a DOA shrimp has been the ticket!  Plenty of fish and no one fishing for them make for a fun day.  Reds are about in some good numbers as well and despite the winds we have been able to bust some lips. Cobia on the other hand suck!!!  I have been giving them a quick look here and there with not even one sighting.  I’m not hearing of anyone doing well a few fish here and there but not worth wasting the gas nor the time looking.  Things could break loose, but the funny thing is I have not  seen any Menhaden in the Broad river. Usually I will come across a few bait balls, not this year.  All in all it been a good spring as long as you versatile.  Don’t just go looking for one species take advantage of whats around and you will have a fun day catching plenty of fish.

Hilton Head and Savannah Fly and Spin Fishing

Will fooled another one


Jim Gilmore with a nice one fooled in the grassAdam all hooked up in the grass

The past week has been pretty good,  there have been some decent tailing reds on the big tides.  Also the trout bite has been decent, I can’t say it’s fall like but we have been getting some good numbers of fish.  As I always say if you want to stay away from boats do some trout fishing.  Everyone is so focused on reds,  one can find themselves all alone catching fish.  Now for the cobia,  don’t know.   The winds and clouds have been keeping me away from the cobia, but things will change and we should be able to hook a few.  There are some around if you feel like soaking a bait all day for a fish or 2. Beware of  bait chunker guides who adv. fly fishing charters, nothing worse than getting stuck in some big bay boat that can’t get to the fish.  Or makes to much noise to get near reds in the shallows.

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