Hilton Head, Savannah, Beaufort. Fly and Spin fishing

Good Gosh!!  The past couple of days have had great action!!  Yesterday  Mr Rawlings and I pulled up to a school of   150 fish tailing and popping baits along a lee ward bank. The sick part was the starting temp was 24 degrees.  Can’t say over the past 20 years I’ve seen that happen too often.  These fish were having some fun and didn’t seem to mind we were there catching them.  14 fish later what a day.  Today was a bit different,  with winds around  20  we had our work cut out for us.   Hank Goodwin and myself found our first flat blown out, second flat blown, third flat blown out, Shit!!  Well I had found a few fish on a section of flat about a month ago so the run was on.  We pulled up and what I thought was a few fish turned out to be about 100.  The fish were tailing and creeping with backs out as well. With the winds blow’n hard and the water a bit muddy, things were tough.  Still managed 6 nice fish w/ 2 of them pushing 10lbs!

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